Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Few "Feathered" Flowers

A most important part of my garden is my birds. We have large parrots to small finches. I really haven't bred anything to actually sell... I just like taking care of them, having them here to enjoy and watching the babies grow. Above is Rio, a Quaker that is no longer with us. I hand raised him some years ago. About two years ago, he got loose from his cage and I found that he was perfectly content to follow me around the farm and never stray far. He had the cats petrified of him... as he was quick to bite (any thing or any body!!) so they never bothered him. Sadly we lost him the beginning of the summer due to an illness.
This is a pair of Fischer Lovebirds. They are not the friendliest of birds as far as being companions for people, but they did raise some babies for me. They would just as soon be left alone but most certainly have stunning coloring. Pretty to look at, but Boy! They let you know when you have upset them!
The beautiful little Canaries. I have one that lives in my bedroom sitting window and he wakes me every morning about 6:30am with his sweet song!
Above are the sweet, sweet little Star finches. Native to Australia, they do really well here. Another of my favorite of the smaller birds as they make such cute chirping sounds. And I love their pretty yellow bodies and bright red faces.
I must say the above two photos are of my favorite feathered flowers here. They are also native to Australia... the lovely little Bourke Parakeet. They are not as noisy as the Parakeet we are used to here, but at daybreak and dusk, they come to life. Their chirps and tweets are the kindest little noises I have heard. I cannot imagine living somewhere, and have these gorgeous gifts living out in the wild. Mine are very people oriented, and will come up and whisper away to a listening ear.
Only a few of our feathered Jewels! They certainly add to a garden. Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I saw your comment over at Rosey's blog, which I follow, and stopped by to see if 'Shadowy Steeds' was a horse lover, like myself.

    But now I see that you're a bird lover. How pretty! A friend of mine owns a grey parrot. The first bird interaction I've ever had. I just can't get over how fun he is.

  2. Your birds are beautiful. I never saw a Bourke Parakeet before. It is gorgeous!

  3. Hello,

    What sweet birds. 'Rio' sounded like he was a good friend. My daughter has parakeets, which are somewhat quiet. I used to rescue baby sparrows and finches and feed them until they were old enough to take care of themselves :)

  4. Gorgeous birds! We had a fischer love bird, she just passed away ths year after a long fun friendship!Beautiful pictures!Lovely post!

  5. Thanks for doing a post on your sweet birds! We used to have parakeets, but they died a few years ago. Would you believe I am still finding birdseed in the cracks of my baseboard?:) Your birds are lovely! I bet they have fun personalities.

  6. Sweet sweet birds. I have three girl parakeets here and I love those gals. They are noisy though so I might try the Bourke ones at some point. Hubby does not like listening to them. For me they chirps are like being in the garden. Actually, I forgot to feed them this morning. Shame on me. Those lovebirds are indeed a nice bright color. Your birds just reminded me. I do love the finches. When in Germany we had a pair of finches. They used to have eggs but never raised any babies. Lucky you the lovebirds did. When I lived in Alabama a neighbor had an outside aviary with parrots. I always enjoyed them so much.

    P.S. Love your fish pond. I could sit and feed them all day it is so relaxing. And no maintenance-something I am trying to move from.

  7. This post about your birds is great. I have finches only, Gouldian, society, owl, zebra and one green singing finch. That one sings his heart out at certain times of the day. I wouldn't be without them. Your menagerie sounds wonderful