Friday, October 30, 2009

In the Deep South, Wiggins, Mississippi, we have an evening where all the businesses gather 'round and give candy to all the children. It is a picture taking extravaganda.
The photo above is not even of a guy or children in costume... but it is my favorite and I love it!!

They gave out little fireman's hats along with candy at the Wiggins Fire Department...

Here in the Great State of Mississippi, our inmates have to work for a living. I thought this was too cute, because you see "real" inmates walking beside a "sherif's" truck, picking up trash. Every day, in real life. No free rides here.

Grumpy to sad.... yikes!

No words to write here. Happiness.

No words, too cute.

My little princess, Susannah. Age 6.

My eldest... Serena, age 11.

Not having much fun!!

We passed this little youngster numerous times. Couldn't decide which photo I liked best.

Cute little guy... looked bored with the whole thing.

The above was indeed the coolest of the costumes!!

This lady looked to be having a great time.. and I want her sweater!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Mini Doxie, Mississippi Kissi with her servant, my daughter, Serena. More on dogs soon.... RLw
The family had fun last night carving pumpkins after church. I saw the mess in the sink this morning to attest to it!! Oh well... what are Mom's for?
We made little ghosts out of suckers. I saw this in a large publication (Southern Living maybe?) and loved it. At least my girls loved them...

Sleep tight all.... til tomorrow... RLw

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I do not know why I am so fascinated with Banana Spiders... but I am. Each year, my girls (Serena, age 11 and Susannah, age 6) cannot wait until these graceful ladies begin appearing.
Perhaps it is because they can work eight legs together at once and move so gracefully! With one brain to give orders. While my girls and I have six all together and 3 brains to work them. And we are still not co-ordinated or graceful! And her web reminds me of harp strings...

Not to mention the artwork they weave when building their webs. I have taken hundreds of frames of these lovely gals... and have not yet caught what I want too. I have sat and watched these exquisite creatures repair holes in their webs. Surely this is where early humans got the idea to weave!

And, of course, the ugly side. But all things have a purpose. We have several nests scoped out this year and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the babies! Guess I flunked the "Wordless Wednesday" huh??!
Flowers next time, I promise!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today was an overcast day, with rain this morning when I woke up to get my two youngsters ready for school. I decided to do laundry (yuck).

Often times, I think we overlook the beauty of the little creatures that live in our gardens. The fellow above was one of many that completely decimated my huge tomato bush in, say, about, 3 seconds flat (well, perhaps I exaggerate, but it surely seemed that quick). These Tobacco Hornworms wiped out my bush...twice!! But aren't they just stunning?!

This fellow above wasn't exactly so tiny! He was about 5 inches long and was floating in my pond after a hurricane briefly brushed us. He is a Hickory Horned Devil and came back to life after I brought him up to the house. How interesting!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The beauty of the Monarch Butterflies captivate me whenever I see them. I cannot help but shoot frame after frame. The Passion Flowers only add more to the experience. I recently saw a different variety on another blog and need to do some googleling!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunset in the Deep South

The front was quickly making its way towards us. My daughter and I were out enjoying the photo shoot opportunity, as well as the electrifying weather. Kissi, our Miniature Dachshund, was in the house having her usual panic attack when wild weather is approaching. What looked to be a lion, blew by like a lamb... but brought moisture which I will never turn down!

Monday, October 5, 2009

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