Friday, October 30, 2009

In the Deep South, Wiggins, Mississippi, we have an evening where all the businesses gather 'round and give candy to all the children. It is a picture taking extravaganda.
The photo above is not even of a guy or children in costume... but it is my favorite and I love it!!

They gave out little fireman's hats along with candy at the Wiggins Fire Department...

Here in the Great State of Mississippi, our inmates have to work for a living. I thought this was too cute, because you see "real" inmates walking beside a "sherif's" truck, picking up trash. Every day, in real life. No free rides here.

Grumpy to sad.... yikes!

No words to write here. Happiness.

No words, too cute.

My little princess, Susannah. Age 6.

My eldest... Serena, age 11.

Not having much fun!!

We passed this little youngster numerous times. Couldn't decide which photo I liked best.

Cute little guy... looked bored with the whole thing.

The above was indeed the coolest of the costumes!!

This lady looked to be having a great time.. and I want her sweater!!


  1. Do you really want that sweater? :)
    Cute pics of the halloween costumes...Happy Halloween.

  2. Nice blog with nice picture of cuties enjoying the halloween day. It appears that you all had a great halloween day. all the pictures look wonderful.

  3. Great Halloween presentation, one of the best I saw.

  4. Love the little lion!
    Fopund you through Blotanical - hope we'll see you there a lot.