Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I do not know why I am so fascinated with Banana Spiders... but I am. Each year, my girls (Serena, age 11 and Susannah, age 6) cannot wait until these graceful ladies begin appearing.
Perhaps it is because they can work eight legs together at once and move so gracefully! With one brain to give orders. While my girls and I have six all together and 3 brains to work them. And we are still not co-ordinated or graceful! And her web reminds me of harp strings...

Not to mention the artwork they weave when building their webs. I have taken hundreds of frames of these lovely gals... and have not yet caught what I want too. I have sat and watched these exquisite creatures repair holes in their webs. Surely this is where early humans got the idea to weave!

And, of course, the ugly side. But all things have a purpose. We have several nests scoped out this year and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the babies! Guess I flunked the "Wordless Wednesday" huh??!
Flowers next time, I promise!!


  1. I am getting the chills right now. Even though I am scared of them, spiders fascinate me.
    I need to go look at some happy pictures of flowers now. Your pictures are nice.

  2. Ooooo! Robin, your photos are so fascinating! And I like your narrative that goes with each one. I browsed through some earlier posts and loved each one of them! I've never seen this type of spider...not sure they live in VA (which is fine by me!!) But yes, it is beautiful and I do love to watch most spiders & I respect them. I just cannot stand them crawling ON me;-)

  3. I have been walking in the bushes photographing these ladies, and have had a bush or something brush my neck. Talk about a heart attack!! LOL I have never had one bite... but I would just as soon not push my luck!! THANK YOU so much for visiting!! RLw

  4. These spiders and your pictures are AMAZING!
    I can't say that I love spiders, but after reading dozens of books about them with my boys, I am not afraid of them and I have a big respect for them. Thank you for this post! I'll show these pictures to my sons (11 y.o.)