Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Kestrel Who Came To Visit

Jigs found her.  She was hopping around the pasture down by the barn.  Quickly, I called Jigs away from her.  Making a bee line for the tack room, she could move well, but could not fly.

Missy is the smallest of the falcons... an American Kestrel.  Read more about her type here:   

It turned into a wonderful learning experience and leading to  
perhaps a license to rehab other injured birds such as Missy.
I have a new admiration for the raptors that live out in my pasture.

Missy is now back in the wild, with her injured wing completely healed.  When I turned her lose, she turned as if to say "thanks"!  And flew to the nearest tree line.  I think I still see her coming to visit now and again!

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  1. Pretty amazing that you were able to save such a beautiful bird. We have the little hawks here, too. It's a rare moment when you can offer such help and return a beautiful bird back to it's place.