Monday, October 3, 2011

Within My Garden, rides a Bird

by Emily Dickinson

Within my Garden, rides a Bird
Upon a single Wheel --
Whose spokes a dizzy Music make
As 'twere a travelling Mill --
He never stops, but slackens
Above the Ripest Rose --
Partakes without alighting
And praises as he goes,
Till every spice is tasted --
And then his Fairy Gig
Reels in remoter atmospheres --
And I rejoin my Dog.
And He and I, perplex us,
If positive, 'twere we --
Or bore the Garden in the Brain
This Curiosity --
But He, the best Logician,
Refers my clumsy eye --
to just vibrating Blossoms!
An Exquisite Reply!


  1. Doesn't Emily have the just right words. Your photos are pretty terrific.

  2. I love your hummingbird photos! I just recently started a gardening blog, and have yet to get my macro lens, but would you mind checking out what I have and giving me any pointers, blogwise or photography wise?